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Calm Down Baby | Solo Exhibition

September 22, 2022

Calm Down Baby

'Calm Down Baby' by Llewellyn Skye is a continuation of her obsession and exploration of floral abstraction. While bringing this exhibition together, Skye has surrounded herself with sugary pinks, neon, musk sticks and marshmallows, turmeric and pepper, earthy lavenders, deep midnight blues, and of course, her beloved floral collection.

A complete sensory overload, these objects have provided the inspiration behind this collection of artwork, referencing her becoming more aware of her senses via her recent ADHD diagnosis.

Inviting us to come on a journey, Skye celebrates the positive qualities of neurodiversity, such as imagination, enthusiasm, humour and hyperfocus. Her endless energy and zest for life provide us with a view into her beautiful, fun and exciting world of neon and vibrantly rich abstract florals.

Opening night: 7th October, 6 - 8pm
Exhibition open: 7 - 17th October

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